2011 Mahindra Scorpio picture Collection


The new 2011 Scorpio is one of the major success stories in India, which has been designed entirely in-house by the legendary M&M motors.

The new SUV’s interior looks quite fresh with a finely crafted organic-looking and rounded dashboard, which has come with large knobs and buttons.

new Mahindra Scorpio

It has come with very pleasingly comfortable front seats that offer the best back support, and the air-con vents designed in between the front-seats provide effective cooling for the rear-seat occupants.

new Mahindra Scorpio

A standard 2.2-liter inline 4-cylinder turbocharged engine is used to impel this vehicle, which has the ability to develop decent 120bhp and torque of about 290Nm.

new Mahindra Scorpio

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