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January 10, 2012


We have along list of speculated and confirmed SUVs and crossovers for 2014. All the big brands like Porsche, BMW, Bentley, Chevrolet, Maserati etc have a vehicle from this segment in store for us. Let us take a look at all the 2014 SUVs that can be in the offerings in next couple of years.

2014 Bentley SUV

2014 bentley suv

The CEO of Bentley has already confirmed a 4×4 utility model for 2014. After the approval of the owner company Volkswagen, the big size SUV will be put to production for 2014. The company believes that the new SUV will take on vehicle like VW Touareg, Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7.

2014 Maserati SUV

2014 maserati suv

The Italian car maker, Maserati is once again the eyeing the top spot of high end luxury crossover, currently owned by Porsche Cayenne. The company has plans of rolling out an SUV for 2014, which will take on all the high end SUVs and crossovers. The vehicle is expected to be powered by a 4.7liter V8 engine.

2014 Porsche Cajun

2014 porsche cajun

Last year the German sports car maker confirmed Porsche Cajun for 2014. Cajun will be more or less a downsized version of the super successful Cayenne and will be assembled along with the big brother at the company’s Leipzig facility in Germany. It is expected to go in to production by late 2013 and it will be sold as 2014 model.

2014 Land Rover Grand Evoque

2014 land rover grand evoque

Grand Evoque is what the car makers are thinking of right now. It is expected to be a supersized SUV and will be placed in between Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Evoque. It is expected to be developed on the new LR-MS platform, which will also serve as the basic platform for the future Jaguar SUV vehicles.

2014 Chevrolet Colorado

2014 chevrolet colorado

Colorado was earlier not meant for US soils but now we know that things have changed and in a couple of years from now we’ll have a North American version of the vehicle. It is expected to be built on the new GMI-700 chassis that is used for the global version also.

2014 Maruti Suzuki Jimny

2014 maruti suzuki jimny

The teasers of this concept vehicle have shown us rectangular grilles and robot-eyed lamps. Then there are L-Shaped tail lights and Star-shaped alloy wheels. The vehicle is expected to succeed the Jimny/Gypsy line from the company. With this vehicle the Indian car maker Maruti will try leverage the legendary name of Gypsy.

So, there you have some of the scintillating 2014 SUVs that will rock the markets soon, and we’ll keep updating the list as more new contenders are showcased by the automakers.”

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