Purchasing an SUV does not mean that you will have to shell out huge amount of money. There are some best crossover SUVs offering the best fuel mileage and great comfort. The utility vehicles not only come with great visibility, cargo capacity, or versatility, but also surprisingly the best fuel mileage.

There is mix of hybrid and gas-only crossovers, ranking high on sales chart. The fuel efficient crossovers have come a long way; not everyone would like electric vehicles, as it’s quite hard to find a charging station. We offer a complete list of vehicles, after checking their EPA combined rating. EPA is based on MPG ratings for highway and city travel. There are diesel vehicles, but regular gasoline SUVs can be gas sippers. These are the best vehicles for carrying cargos and big number of passengers, but now no one has to compromise gas mileage to get enough space. Crossovers are the recent innovation in the automotive market. This website lists the best crossovers in the market and also shows how far it can reach.

There are many fuel-efficient SUVs, including Audi Q5, Acura RDX, Toyota RAV4, and Mazda CX5. Versatility, style, space, and efficiency all right here in these models. Enjoy the capability and fuel economy of an SUV, with designed space for cargo and passengers.

DRIVESUVS.NET helps you find the fuel-efficient SUVs of the year, ranked by combined mileage as well. When it was introduced, SUVs were known for high fuel costs and unrefined handling, but today’s vehicles boast of greater fuel efficiency and car-like handling.

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